MSHIMA Annual Meeting


* The agenda and speakers are subject to change without notice. *

Day 1 — June 19, 2024

6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

(high level, highlight telehealth)

Pre-Conference Registration – Cost: $75

Day 2 — June 20, 2024

8:00 AM

Check-In, Breakfast, and Vendor Discovery

9:00 AM Keynote

This Keynote presentation will tell Bob’s personal story of how change can impact any of our lives at any time.  The objective is to challenge anyone and everyone to appreciate the gift of life we all are given as it can change at any moment. The focus is on learning to love and forgive others to make life so much more meaningful.

10:00 AM

This presentation will provide participants with an interactive review of the AHIMA Code of Ethics. The presentation will begin by introducing foundational ethical concepts then an in-depth review of the AHIMA code of ethics.

1.0 hr hrs   Health Law and Compliance   

11:00 AM


11:15 AM Track 1

Help prepare users for the move to ICD-11. Discuss the background, structural mechanisms, and anticipated impact of ICD-11.

1.0 hr hrs   Evolving Topics   

11:15 AM Track 2

In this presentation, we will discuss these challenges and some best practice approaches to maintaining a clean EMPI database that your organization can trust. We will also discuss the new challenges that have been brought to focus with the Global Pandemic and the effects on the EMPI.

1.0 hr hrs   Data Structure, Content and Information Governance   Organizational Management and Leadership   

12:15 PM


12:30 PM

This meeting will introduce 2024 award winners, scholarship recipients, conduct officer election, and any other association business.

1:15 PM

How to start a department from ground zero/how to use your knowledge & experience to create different aspects/ areas for our profession.

1.0 hr hrs   Organizational Management and Leadership   

2:15 PM

Break/Vendor Reception

2:45 PM Track 1

This presentation talks about he annual update to the CPT code set created 349 editorial changes, including 230 additions, 49 deletions and 70 revisions. With 11,163 codes that describe the medical procedures and services available to patients, the CPT code set continues to grow and evolve with the rapid pace of innovation in medical science and health technology.

1.0 hr hrs   Clinical Foundations   

2:45 PM Track 2

The purpose is to educate the attendees around how Datavant applied Six Sigma to improve the overall quality of ROI and how they can take these lessons learned and apply it to other areas within their department.

3:45 PM


4:00 PM

The presentation will break down the alphabet soup of acronyms that impact Health Information Management, from regulatory trends to emerging technologies. We all explore the market dynamics that are spurring interoperability solutions and the criteria for evaluating smart, scalable Release of Information offerings. With a focus on privacy, quality, and efficiency, we will dive into real-world experience from HIM teams on the frontlines and how they are using digital solutions to manage the increasing volume of requests.

1.0 hr hrs   Data Structure, Content and Information Governance   Informatics, Analytics and Data Use   

5:00 PM

Adjourn Day 1

6:00 PM

Ship Island Ferry!

Day 3 — June 21, 2024

7:30 AM

Check-In and Vendor Discovery

8:30 AM

This presentation defines PSI 90, its impact beyond the financial statements of acute care hospitals, and tips on working with your organization’s quality department, coding and CDI director, and C-Suite to find solutions.

1.0 hr hrs   Revenue Cycle Management   

9:45 AM Track 1

1Coding and Quality’s Role: Social Determinants of Health and Health Equity

9:45 AM Track 2

This presentation will discuss the 21st Century Cures Act and how these regulations will help to shape and transform the world of healthcare interoperability. New items have been released regarding disincentives and how they could impact providers and health systems.

1.0 hr hrs   Health Law and Compliance   

10:45 AM


11:00 AM Track 1

1Respiratory Failure: Clinical Validation

11:00 AM Track 2

The AHIMA Annual Report will updated members on the happenings of AHIMA and the advancement of the HIM profession.

12:00 PM

Adjourn Conference

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